I just started a category called "MA Graphic Media Design" on here. It is going to be a documentation of my Master studies. It is not as much for outside viewers, but mainly for me, to keep track of my process and be able to trace back my steps. However, it could also be interesting for others to get an insight of what a Master degree in Graphic Design contains of.

This degree contains of 4 Units. Last term, or actually today (the first day of the second term) to be more exact, we completed the final hand-in of Unit 1. The first Unit, was three chapters (three different projects) and it focused on methodology and how you can do research projects using different approaches and techniques. It aimed to explore the globe through graphic design practice, theory and history and to establish my role as a designer in society. Through working independently and in a collaborative studio, examine readings, creative writing and graphic experiments from a practical, critical and reflective point of view, with the intention of finally framing the research outline of my MA degree. By the end of that Unit, I made a rough outline of the subject of my degree;

My project is about the harmful attitudes towards women within Saudi Arabian advertising, because that form of media heavily influences legislation, as well as personal morals.

A visual summary of the three chapters of Unit 1 and the background to my subject, you can view my Unit 1 Research Portfolio here!

Today we got the brief for Unit 2, it is short and will at a point overlap with Unit 3 that will start in approximately three weeks. The brief for this unit, is a collaborative project. The aim is to give you the chance to identify, form and develop collaborative working relationships with a range of potential partners. The final outcome would be a collaborative Reader publication and an individual Research Portfolio that would be handed-in by end of March before Easter break.

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