Michael C. Hall plays a woman

Sources for these photos are 1 and 2
Michael C. Hall från Dexter är snart tillbaka i TV-rutan - som kvinna! Han är i förhandling om att spela feministen och den sociala aktivisten Susan B. Anthony i en miniserie som består av 8 avsnitt. Serien kommer eventuellt heta “SBA: Diary of an Important Woman” och kommer sändas på HBO. Hall kommenterar detta med;
“I played a gay funeral home owner, I played a straight serial killer, and now I'm playing a girl. This is fun!... They will think I can't play the part of Susan B. Anthony just because of my gender. I know I will being discriminated on because I'm a man. And isn't that what Susan has been fighting against her whole life?”.
Han förstår att folk kommer ha svårt att se honom som ledare av den feministiska rörelsen,
“Much like when I accepted the role of Dexter Morgan after being David Fisher on Six Feet Under, many people couldn't see me portray a character that was the exact opposite of what I'd been playing for 5 years. I think I proved them wrong, and I think I will impress them with my rendition of Susan B. Anthony. I have already started to practice speaking like a woman, I try to complain more, and I spend more time in the kitchen and the bathroom”.

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